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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guide to FM Stations in Los Angeles Broadcast Area

As a companion to my previous post on AM radio in the Los Angeles broadcast area, here's my guide to FM radio in the Los Angeles market.  This list isn't exhaustive (I've excluded several Christian, Spanish, and Black stations, as I have no personal interest in them) but what's here should offer sufficient variety for the average listener:
88.1—KKJZ (“K-jazz” or “smooth jazz”)

89.3—KPCC, a National Public Radio station in Pasadena (at Pasadena College?) is the Web site. Patt Morrison works there.  Southern California Public Radio, 474 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105, (626) 583-5100

89.9--KCRW, a National Public Radio Station at Santa Monica College, is their Web site.  Their address:  1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.  Phone:  (310) 450-5183.
90.7—KPFK, a National Public Radio station, Pacifica Radio
3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West - N. Hollywood, CA 91604
Main phone: (818) 985-2711 - Fax: (818) 763-7526 - Studio phone: (818) 985-5735

91.5—KUSC (classical) a member of National Public Radio and a service of USC.  Go to for more info.

93.1—It’s “Jack,” although its call letters are the austere KCBS, run by the same guy that runs KROQ but with a broader playlist and less DJ talk.  93.3 used to be Arrow but Arrow is now Jack.

93.5—KDAY (“The Beat”), sounds and looks like rap and hip-hop

94.7—KTWV (“The Wave”), jazz and R&B format. Web site is and the phones are 1-800-520-WAVE (studio) and (323) 937-WAVE (business)

95.1—KFRG, (“K-FROG”), the Inland Empire’s country station (based in Colton) but picks up in the LA area.  Web address:

95.5—KLOS, “Classic Rock That Really Rocks,”  is the Web site, and phone numbers are (310)840-9400 (business) and 1-800-955-KLOS (on-air).

97.1—KAMP (“K-AMP,” formerly KLSX) Carson Daly is this station’s top-billed on-air personality but the format often leans more to rap and hiphop than a mainstream contemporary pop sound. Web address:

98.7—KYSR (“K-STAR”), “Rockaholic” alternative rock.

99.5—KKLA, “The Spirit of Los Angeles,” a religious/Christian station.

99.9—KOLA, rock station in the Inland Empire (Redlands/Riverside/San Bernardino area) but picks up in Los Angeles.  “All Classics, All the Time,” is its slogan.  Phone:  (909) 793-3554.
Web site:

100.3—KSWD (“The Sound”), “Album Rock, True Variety” is the slogan and is the Web address.  They have a no-repeat Tuesday.  Phone is (323) 634-1800.

101.1—KRTH, oldies format.  Web site:

102.3—KJLH, urban contemporary format.  Contact: and (310) 330-2200.  Owned by Stevie Wonder, and the call letters stand for “Kindness, Joy, Love, and Happiness.”

102.7—KIIS, “L.A.'s #1 Hit Music Station featuring CHR/pop radio live,” the Web site is and Ryan Seacrest is the top-billed on-air personality.

103.5—KOST, “So Cal’s Favorite Soft Rock” has as its Web site.

104.3—KBIG (“My FM”) and is the Web site.  Format is “hot, modern” and “nineties ‘til now.” 

105.1—KKGO (“Go Country”) country format.  Web:

105.9—KPWR (“K-POWER” or “Power 105”) “where hip hop lives.”

106.7—KROQ, “World Famous” alternate rock.  Web site:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


When my MySpace blogs vanished into cyberspace, I was particularly sorry to lose my guides to Los Angeles radio stations.  I can't find anything like them online so I keep them for every time I need or want to re-program my car radio.  Since others may also find such information helpful, I'm posting my guide to AM stations below.  My guide to FM stations will come later:

570—KLAC, sports talk, mostly Fox Sports.  Dodgers, football, and Petros Papadakis.  Phone may be 1-866-967-2970 (local) or 1-877-99-ON-FOX (national). 
Web site: or phone (818) 559-2252 for business.

640—KFI, mostly right-wing nutcase talk so I prefer to avoid it.

710--KSPN, ESPN Radio in Los Angeles (although other sports stations often have ESPN programming, too).  Sometimes has baseball or football not available on other stations.  Web site:

790—KABC, mostly right-wing nutcase talk but sometimes has sports programming.  Web site:

830—KLAA, sports talk and Angels, owned by Arte Moreno.  Web site:
On-air phone:  1-877-883-0830.

980—KFWB, “News Talk,” and is the Web site.  Used to be “all news,” now the news is only between 5-9 and 4-7 weekdays.

1070—KNX, and its slogan is “all news, all the time.”

1110—KDSN (“Radio Disney”) if you like Disney’s stable of music artists.

1150—KTLK, was Air America in the Bush II era, now Stephanie Miller in the morning and Randi Rhodes in the afternoon are the only true left-wing talk show hosts (hostesses) left.  David Cruz does a local-news-and-commentary talk show in the afternoon, and sometimes you can find Johnny Wendell in a morning or weekend slot.  Web site:
Phones:  (818) 566-6476 (programming) and (818) 559-2252 (main).