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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sexual Harassment in the Dept. of Defense

Whatever happened to all those sexual harassment cases that were filed against the Dept. of Defense in the nineties? What was it like for a victim whose rights were violated by employees of the federal government? The below link leads to an on-line article that describes one such case:
Besides being published on-line, this article was picked up and published in the softcover anthology J Bloglandia, Vol 1, Issue 2, ed. by Ginger Mayerson, available now from Wapshott Press.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Politics of CFS: What it Means

Some of my own on-line publishing, an article originally called, "What CFS Means: Patients and Doctors Define Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and you may read it on the link below:
It's an overview of what's happening with studies and treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This link has had 130 views on Deviant Art as of today's post.

As of 6/24/19 the above link is down. Go to or to find article.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Manga and music reviews: links

Here are some links to the Laguna Beach paper Blade, which publishes my manga and music reviews often. The first two links are for manga reviews, the third is for a CD review, a flashback to my days as a music journalist.

Yakuza in Love (yaoi manga) reveiw:
It's a manga by Shiuko Kano, whose other works include Play Boy Blues and I'm Not Your Stepping Stone. This series is published by Aurora/Deux, based in Torrance, CA.

Iono-Sama Fanatics (yuri manga) review:

And some music, a review of REM's CD Accelerate:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three manga/book reviews

Here are three of my book/manga reviews which recently ran in the Blade, you may check the magazine's Web site for more info:

"Adventures in Girls Love" about Erica Friedman and the current trends in yuri manga, which ran in Oct. '08 --
Erica asks that we make this correction: "FYI, the Yuri event n October - which I did not attend - was not the country's first. There have been several Yuri events before "Maiden's Garden 3" - Yuriket 1 and 2, Maiden's Garden 1 and 2 and Yuricon in 2005 in Tokyo." Sorry about that, Erica!

Then there's my story on fellow MySpacer Ginger Mayerson and her Wapshott Press, including her Bloglandia project (anthologies of blogs), which ran in the August '08 issue. At least they got Ginger's picture captioned correctly on-line (she was Annie Proulx[!] in the hard copy)--
About Bloglandia, vol. 2 is currently out and includes Molly Ian's story about sexual harassment in the Department of Defense, "Sex and the DoD."

Lastly there's my review of John Simpson's erotic gay thrillers, Murder Most Gay and Task Force, in the March '09 issue of Blade, link below:

Friday, March 6, 2009

OC Voice Links (Still Active as of 5/16)

OC Voice links: Adam Ho, Dean Koontz
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OC Voice has posted a couple of my articles on-line. The major one is a cover story on OC guitarist Adam Ho. The editor has added a couple of paragraphs in the lead but the rest is my work:
The second one is a book review of Dean Koontz's and Queenie Chan's manga version of In Odd We Trust (published by Del Rey):

Currently reading: Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone by Shiuko Kano